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Allow Melbourne’s premier Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours show you the beautiful Yarra Valley, the rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsular, the unique villages and natural landscapes of the Macedon Ranges and the wineries in the Geelong Region.

This is ideal for Hens Party Arvos, 30th, 40th, 50th Birthdays, Brewery Tours, Bucks Party Day.

The Nightcruisers have sub woofer sound on board and you can bring your own CDs or iPod [own cords], which will create an instant Party atmosphere.


The famous Nightcruiser Breweries Tours are proving to be very popular.

Both Day with Lunch or Night Tours with Dinner are possible.

Check out all the information below before calling us to assist you with your Breweries Tour.
Chosen by many groups as Bucks Days, Birthdays, Beer Connoisseur or any social group.

We also provide two way group transport to and from the Breweries as well as Late-Night Transfers.

Most boutique micro breweries also have fabulous cafes and restaurants and it pays you to check them out.

A number also have beer gardens which are great to relax at in the shade outdoors party atmosphere.


This famous and unique Nightcruiser Breweries & Pub Crawl has become great fun as either a day time tour or a night out event. It has developed more into a Micro-Brewery, Breweries and special drinking and ale houses crawl. Most patrons are amazed by the many breweries, boutique breweries and pub breweries there are in the metro area. It gives you the opportunity to taste 100’s of different beers. Each establishment has its own special atmosphere.


Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, “It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my reputation.”
“One beer is better than no beer.
Two beers are better than one beer.
But four beers are not twice as good as two beers.”
(Professor Dr. Anton Piendl, Institute for Brewery Technology and Microbiology at Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan).

Professor Dr. Hans Hoffmeister of Free University of Berlin and Director of the Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin, explained that moderate consumption of alcohol is 4 to 40 grams per day which corresponds to 0.1 to 1 litre of beer.

Professor Dr. Anton Piendl of the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan recommends drinking a half litre (one pint) of beer in the evening or before going to bed.

In the recent few years, official circles in the United States and the United Kingdom have changed their attitude towards alcohol consumption from “less is better”. The British Government recently set up an inter-departmental committee to evaluate all available studies on the alcohol consumption on human health.
It gave the following recommendations at the end of the evaluation:

1. One to two drinks per day are beneficial
2. Up to three or four drinks daily is harmless
3. More than three-four drinks daily is risky.

It is a widely emphasized opinion of the researchers and experts, that there should be a balanced report on the effects — beneficial and harmful — of alcohol consumption, particularly beer consumption. Emphasis being on beer for the fact that beer, due to the presence of the numerous beneficial substances and positive effects on health, is very different from the so-called “empty” alcoholic beverages.

As a result, if it is scientifically accepted that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to health, then moderate beer drinking is definitely more beneficial to health than those beverages that contain nothing else than alcohol. This is especially true for craft-brewed beers.
There are many facets that the modern ale connoisseur must consider when enjoying beer. One perplexing aspect of beer drinking is the number of different receptacles that beer can come in. Different Breweries will offer you different sizes for beer for sampling, tasting or drinking full sizes. It also depends on what type of license they hold.
Western Australia

20 ounces
15 ounces
10 ounces
7 ounces
6 ounces
5 ounces
4 ounces
The English term “toast” has been traced to the 17th century, and had reference at first to the custom of drinking to the ladies. In Stuart times, it was the practice to put a piece of toast in the wine cup from belief that it improved the flavour of the wine.

However, we can be sure that long before then that drinkers would lift a glass of beer to offer a toast for just about any occasion. Who hasn’t been asked to “say a few words” at a wedding, to find the right words to send a friend off on a new job, to help neighbours christen a new home?

Here you’ll find some our favourite toasts, many submitted by Real Beer readers. We’ve arranged them by category, but many toasts would fit in more than one so you may find the one that suits you most by browsing a bit.


Wedding Guest Transport Service in a Party Atmosphere by Nightcruiser


Our Hens Night or Hens Arvos are famous.


• FREE VIP Queue jumping entry
• FREE travel for Organiser
• FREE On-Line Invitations & RSVP Service
• FREE booking service of all venues in advance
• Best pre-tour Assistance
• We negotiated the best venue deals
• Plan your own program – You’re welcome
• Book your own Venues- We’ll take you there
• Best fastest helpful booking service
• On Board Sub woofer sound and disco lights
• Bring your own CDs
• Hens Queen Bee’s Oath of Secrecy Contract

One of the first decisions a Maid or Matron of Honour must make about the Hen’s Party is what type of outing to plan.

Discuss this with the bride and you’ll also find that the Nightcruiser Crew can assist instantly with many ideas.

It is a good idea to hold your hen’s party at least one or two weeks before the wedding.

The Hens Nights are legendary with Nightcruiser who have the greatest choice.

We organise free VIP entry to all the venues plus special arrangements for and on your behalf.
Our Hens Arvos are popular as it allows the group to also invite Aunties, Mothers etc. which some groups prefer.

Ask us for the exciting details for this very popular Nightcruiser Day Tour.

The Nightcruiser Crew have prepared the Hens Contract/Oath of Secrecy and hope that it will add a little more fun to your Hen Night/Arvo with Nightcruiser.

The Organiser is authorised welcome to copy it from our website and work with it to print out onto background and the size they wish. You are welcome to add extra clauses. Let us know if you come up with exciting new clauses.


In the Contract/Oath below, you must adhere to all guidelines and procedures in a strict fashion. When the document refers to the Hen, she will be signified as “Queen B” and the girls consisting of the Hen Night party as “Divas.”

Please take the following document as serious (seriously funny) as possible since it will provide hours of fun and memories.

I __________________________ solemnly swear that on the Night/Arvo of ______________________, 2008 in celebration of ___________________________’s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party, I will abide by the following rules and regulations:

There will be, in no way, pictures with boys, men, or any animals while the Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party is in progress. Failure to follow this rule will automatically make you lose your Diva status for the weekend.

You will consume alcoholic beverages and promote drunkenly misconduct in the safest and most appropriate fashion. If you have a note from a doctor, you are excused from drinking but you must still promote animalistic behaviour.

You must never leave a single Diva or the Queen Bee unattended, due to boys-men who are termed as Vultures, Sharks, Pigs, Tools for Procreation…etc.

A Diva who has too much alcohol or has poor taste and is speaking with sleazy unattractive boys/men for more than one minute must be escorted back to the Diva Layer for protection and to save herself from embarrassment (which would have possibly occurred the following morning).

Embarrassing the Queen B, at least once per hour is mandatory. Embarrassment can only take the form of attracting attention toward the Queen B, and includes but is not limited to, finding Boys or Men (prey) to help in satisfying the “Hens checklist” or Suck 4 Buck T-Shirt, waving adult party favour items in front of the Queen B, dressing the Queen B up in ridiculous outfits that Aunt Edna wouldn’t even wear, and keeping the Queen B up as late as possible!

Loud, obnoxious outbursts are welcome during the Hens festivities with at least one type of alcohol shot purchased by the Divas for Queen B consumption.

Dancing is required by you and it is important to make sure all Divas and Queen B are participating.

In case of the emergency of a Diva needing to pray to the porcelain goddess or visit Mr. Tidy Bowl Man, it is essential that you make sure one Diva goes with the other Diva In Need (DIN).

It is your responsibility to commute to a more exciting atmosphere when Queen B and/or Diva energy is dwindling. You must interact with other Divas to form a plan in moving to a more exciting environment.

You will not, at any time, think of work-related matters. If work does consume your mind, you will forfeit Diva status and be seen as an outcast by the Divas.

Before signing the document below, I will say out loud, “What happens at __________________ ‘s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party STAYS at ___________________’s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party!”

(Signature of Diva)

__________________________________________ Date__________________

(Signature of Diva In Charge)

__________________________________ Date__________________

Advice for the Queen B about marriage:

(Stag or Bachelor Party)

We’ll turn an ordinary Bucks Party into a night or day to remember!

Nightcruiser offers many ideas for a Bucks Party.



• FREE booked VIP Queue jumping entry
• FREE Entry to Strip Clubs – ask us when enquiring
• FREE travel for Organiser
• FREE Duty of the Best Man Checklist
• FREE On-Line Invitations & RSVP Service
• FREE booking service of all venues in advance
• Plan your own program – You’re welcome
• Book your own Venues- We’ll take you there
• Best pre-tour Assistance
• We negotiated the best venue deals
• Best fastest helpful booking service for Bucks Melbourne
• On Board Sub woofer sound and disco lights
• To assist the organiser “History of the Bucks Party”
• Duties of the Best Man
• Bucks dares Games for Bucks from the Nightcruiser Crew
• Venue List – suggestions

We can arrange it all to suit your group.
You may also want to visit a restaurant for a feast first.
Sometimes bucks prefer an all day event to really share the camaraderie.

The Party that has always enjoyed the most is where the emphasis is on clever whit including reminders of the past.


Talk to the groom first and find out what he wants to do. Don’t forget to plan some surprises.

Give yourself time. Organising the party in one week will not work and cause you un-needed stress.

Go over the list of invitees with the groom.

Talk to all invitees before the party about costs, the agenda, etc. Nobody wants any surprises on the night of the bucks night.

Organise a bucks night or day with the help of the Nightcruiser Crew.


Yarra Valley Warburton Highway Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th, 2011

All wineries have sheds. Usually they are homes to important things such as tractors, presses, crushers, barrels and other interesting bits and pieces all vitally important for the production of fine wines.
However, on Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9, 2011, the wineries of the Warburton Highway will open their sheds and dust them off in order to accommodate lots of fabulous food, fantastic wine, great live music and fun games.

If your type of festival is one where you can relax, taste local produce, experience the charm of small vineyards, be captivated by stunning views, chat to the winemakers, all whilst sipping delightful wines……..then Shedfest Wine Festival is for you with Nightcruiser!

Invite all your friends, get your Nightcruiser and have a great day out in a party atmosphere.